Madammoselle is a brand renowned for activewear beauty accessories founded in the early 21st century.

Beauty accessories have long existed prior to the arrival of Madammoselle. Unfortunately, durable one’s were hard to come by.

Women & children were having difficulties finding for durable pieces & their ideal design under one roof despite the existence of a large number of hair accessories selling points.

The situation took a turn ever since the arrival of Madammoselle.

The company’s first point of sale was made available at the original Tesco,Puchong. This marks the beginning of a rapid expansion.

Madammoselle’s success is largely attributed to the brand’s DNA of zero tolerance towards inferior quality merchandise, & it’s offering of a complete range of daily essential hair accessories under one roof.

THE BLACK SERIES HAIR ACCESSORIES- A style which comprises all of the brands solid black accessories gained fame in the 2010’s. they are now the brand’s iconic accessories.

As time goes by, Madammoselle is still keeping its heritage tidily.That is to continue offering high quality daily essential hair accessories to women & children of the world.



The discovery of the now proven effective HGIH STRENGTH NYLON HAIR TIES. Jinhua, Zhejiang, The People’s Repulic Of China in December 2011.

Ms JC, quality controller at our production facility was faced with a problem since day one. She had to carry out research to find out why do majority of elastic hair ties on the market loses elasticity easily. To most people, this is inevitable.

During lunch hour on a December afternoon, while waiting for her ramen noodles to be served, she witnessed how those ramen noodles were made. Instinctively, she realized ramen noodles were high in elasticity & firmed as compared to other noodles.

So what sets them apart?

On spur of moment, Ms JC had a sudden insight. All that was missing was a overlooked,cost effective monomers nylon. And this is where he came back to the subject of high strength elastic hair ties.

Since this innovation was uncovered while witnessing the making of ramen noodles, and so it went down to Madammoselle’s company history as THE HIGH STRENGTH NYLON aka Ramen noodles nylon.